"Christian" Newswire: Celebrities Responsible for Gay Suicide

Looks better with quotes around "Christian."
The word "Christian" is in the headline in quotes as snarky retribution for their use of "gay" in the same. In the case of the latter, the term for it is a scare quote, or possibly a futile protest that the dictionary definition of the word has more than one meaning. They do love their word definitions.

Anyway, I'm featuring the excerpted story below, only because I'm flabbergasted by its existence. It is about the suicide of a gay teenager, the latest in a string of them. Now, one could argue that publicizing particular suicides could cause the Werther effect, the very real syndrome of copycat suicides. But "Christian" Newswire doesn't go there. No, they believe that gay kids kill themselves because they haven't been made to feel bad enough.

These moral crusaders like to toss around words like perverse. But what is truly perverse is to blame gay teen suicides on people who try to make them feel better about themselves. Bill Keller, the subject of--and possibly the speaking-in-third-person author--of this piece has turned a real trick with this viewpoint. He also has absolutely, positively no idea what he's talking about.

Jamie Hubley killed himself because he was bullied
for being gay. It wasn't Anderson Cooper's,
Ellen DeGeneres' or Rachel Maddow's fault.
Keller says: "A 15-year-old has no real understanding of sexuality, and most are still trying to figure out life and how they fit in."  Ask any adult when they knew if they liked girls or boys. I'd wager the high ninety percentile would peg it earlier than 15.  Personally, I knew for sure at 14, and can recognize signs as far back as five years old.

Keller says: "The fact is, suicide is exponentially higher amongst those who choose the homosexual lifestyle, and while those in the media want to blame people like myself who take a Biblical stand on this issue, the fact is, they are the ones most responsible!"  Yeah, I'm not sure Keller knows what "exponentially" means, but it is true that suicides are higher among gay kids. But it is precisely because of the hellfire, brimstone and bullying. Not solely because they're gay, but because of the reaction to it. And don't get me started on "choose," and "lifestyle." This is another of the many areas where Keller is clueless.

"Over the past 20 years, Liveprayer has helped thousands of men and women make the choice to turn from the sin of homosexuality." Bullshit. Prove it. And exactly how many have you driven to suicide, jackass?

Ugh. As you can see this claptrap pisses me off. And it probably just makes people like Keller happy to get my goat. But people like my Mom like to shrug and say that "most" people don't have a problem with gay people. "Just ignore them," she would say. I'm sorry, I can't. I've got to call them out.


Cooper, Maddow, DeGeneres, The Media, Responsible for the Suicide of Hubley

Bill Keller, the world's leading Internet Evangelist and the founder of LivePrayer.com, with over 2.4 million subscribers worldwide reading the daily devotional he has written every morning for 12 years on the issues of the day from a Biblcial worldview, is calling out Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, Ellen DeGeneres, the media, and gutless pastors for the suicide of a Canadian teen who claimed to be "gay. . ."

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