Zanesville, Ohio: Wild Animals Set Free, Killed

I suppose it's possible that you haven't heard about the dude who had tons of wild animals (Bengal tigers, lions, monkeys, etc.), set them free in Zanesville, Ohio, and then killed himself. But I doubt it. I thought I should mention it anyway, since I'm from Columbus, not so far from Zanesville. I knew people from there, and my step-dad used to have some exotic animals (snakes, turtles, alligators), but never knew anything like this.

I suppose the guy thought he was doing a good thing, releasing them? Or maybe he wanted them to savage the Zanesville populace. Whatever he was thinking, all he accomplished was getting most of them--some endangered--killed. On top of this, there's some back-and-forth about Governor Strickland passing an exotic animal ordinance, and Governor Kasich revoking it. I have no nice things to say about Kasich, and can see no good in revoking such a thing, but I don't know if in this case it would have made any difference.


Zanesville animals: 24 hours later, 1 monkey still on the loose

Only a few law enforcement officials remain on Kopchak Road at this time, and the road has been reopened 24 hours after the Muskingum County Sheriff's Office encountered exotic animals owned by Terry Thompson. And the three school districts that canceled classes on Wednesday -- Zanesville, West Muskingum and Maysville -- will be in session Thursday. . .

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